Serious Neurological Disorders and Organic Brain Syndrome

We represent Veterans who suffer from a variety of neurological and organic brain syndrome conditions. We have represented Veterans who have suffered brain damage as a result of exposure to toxins as well as from head trauma. Sometimes a veteran may suffer from multiple sclerosis as a result of a whiplash trauma in service. Other conditions may involve the residuals of venereal disease which have affected the brain and the neurological functioning. We have seen many types of cases involving conditions that are rare and difficult to diagnose. Sometimes Veterans have serious neurological conditions that may be caused by exposure to Agent Orange but these conditions are not on the list of Agent Orange related diseases. We have helped countless Veterans obtain service connection for conditions involving neurological and brain disorders.

With most complex cases, we develop a comprehensive legal strategy based on sound legal and medical research. Our successful approach centers around top-notch medical experts and scientific research. Frequently, the scientific research requires proof to a degree higher than what is required to prove service connection for VA purposes. For instance, medical science may not recognize causation unless it can be determined to a high degree of scientific certainty. However, for VA purposes, we need to demonstrate merely that the service-related cause is 50 percent probable.

Understanding this distinction, and educating the medical experts on this distinction, is critical to success in these cases. Your legal team must be able to coordinate a comprehensive strategy by utilizing top medical and scientific experts. If you have recently been denied for a serious neurological or brain disorder, you are invited to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to help you.