Anxiety is a disability for which you can obtain service-connection. If the VA has denied you for anxiety or adjustment disorder or some other mental health disability, then you must investigate your options in terms of filing an appeal. Debilitating anxiety can prevent you from working and if you are service-connected for it, you should be rated at the maximum rate if it makes you unable to work. Otherwise, service-connection for anxiety will be analyzed under the same basic service-connection principles, which we have discussed elsewhere in our articles. Keep in mind that PTSD is a subset of anxiety disorders and PTSD claims are analyzed under their own separate rules as per the VA guidelines. Keep in mind that anxiety can be service-connected on a secondary basis as well. This means that if you are service-connected for another medical condition that causes you to experience anxiety, then you can make the claim for anxiety secondary to an already existing service-connected disability. If you have recently been denied by the VA for a claim involving anxiety, please do not hesitate to contact our office to discuss the merits of your appeal.

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