Download VA Forms

On this site you will find the most frequently used VA Forms. You are free to download the forms as needed. If you want to file a claim for VA benefits, then you will find the forms to get started here. If the VA recently denied your claim for disability benefits, then you may want to consider hiring a veterans disability attorney. If you have questions about the forms or about your appeal, then you are invited to contact us.

Standard Form 180 – Request Pertaining to Military Records (576K)

Declaration of Financial Hardship (89K)

VA Form 5655 – Financial Status Report (1,146K)

VA Form 21-4142 – Authorization and Consent to Release Information to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) (243K)

VA Form 21-0958 – Notice of Disagreement (60K)

VA Form 21-0845 – Authorization to Disclose Personal Information to a Third Party (387K)

VA Form 3288 – Request for Consent to Release Information from Individual’s Records (347K)

Form OGC – Consent to Release Information from VA Files (35K)

VA Form 21-22a – Appointment of Individual as Claimant’s Representative (1,161K)

VA Form 9 – Appeal to Board of Veterans’ Appeals (69K)

VA Form 21-526 – Veteran’s Application for Compensation and/or Pension (1,581K)

VA Form 95 – Claim for Damage, Injury, or Death (285K)

Declaration of Status of Dependents (496K)

VA Form 21-8940 – TDIU (1,355K)

DD Form 293: Application for the Review of Discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States (2,062K)

VA Form 21-4192 – Request for Employment Infomation in Connection with Claim for Disability Benefits (680K)