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You fought for your country.
You fought the good fight.

And now - to get disability benefits -
you must fight the VA.

That's outrageous!
You deserve better!

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Sadly, many veterans think it’s impossible to win the disability benefits they deserve. They’re wrong. But, as you already know, it takes a lot of work because the VA denies as many cases as they can get away with.

Now the good news: Here are examples of disabled veterans I have helped.

Veteran Martin Fleishman from Forest Hills, New York shared his experience:

Eric, in less than one year, you have accomplished more than I have in 55 years of trying – 9 of those years with legal representation. May God bless you and your loved ones.

Veteran Bob Ritchie from Tustin, California had been fighting the VA too. After he hired me to help him, he said:

In just one year, Eric accomplished what I’ve been trying to do for 18 years. I have already referred some of my service buddies to Eric and will continue to send more.

New Cases Just Won

  • $940,419 for service connection for pension and PTSD
  • $854,602 service connection autoimmune disease; TDIU SMC, housing and auto; DIC DEA
  • $654,169 for DIC/service connection for heart secondary to psych

Now I'd Like the opportunity to help YOU.

After all, you selflessly – and loyally – gave your best years to your country. Proudly defending her honor. Answering her call at her time of need. Yet, when you came back – with injuries from your service – the VA denied your disability benefits. Not just once. But over and over again.

I’m here to tell you this STOPS – Right Here – Right Now!

My name is Eric Gang. I am a Veterans Disability Lawyer. I’ve dedicated my entire law practice to helping veterans like you. As you read the articles you’ll find on this website, you’ll discover mistakes to avoidsecrets for winning benefitswhy the VA rejects private medical opinionsanswers to common questions – and much more.

When you’re ready to take the next step, just call me and tell me about your case. My toll-free number is (888) 878-9350. I’ll ask a few questions, and together you and I can decide whether I can help you.