Eric Gang

Letter from the Founder, Eric Gang

Dear Reader,

I’m glad you’ve found us, and I want to share with you three of my core values.

First, our singular commitment for over 20 years has been – and always will be — serving veterans and their families in their struggles to receive fair disability benefits from the VA. Increasingly, other firms who do this work also do personal injury and social security law to earn more money. But we’ll never dilute our laser focus or become distracted by other practice areas.

Second, we’re a team of deep-bench legal talent (as you’ll see on our bio pages) and we pride ourselves on being far more strategic and far better prepared than the VA personnel whose job it is to complicate and delay action on your claim or appeal. When we take a case, we simply give it our all. We demand excellence of ourselves, and we deliver hard-hitting, aggressive representation on your behalf. It’s who we are.

Third, our commitment to outstanding service isn’t a mere slogan; it’s a foundational value every single team member holds tightly because you simply deserve no less. We realize that you need winning results. We know that you may be unable to work because of your disability and you may need VA benefits just to survive. But you want excellent service, too. You have been living with your disability and your VA appeal for a long time. We understand and respect that it may be hard to let go of the reins and let a law firm take over. We really do get it. That’s why we provide you with regular status updates at least every 6 months, and why one of us will return your call or respond to your email within 2 business days.

If we are fortunate enough to earn your trust and you bring my firm on board, you’re not just hiring one lawyer; you’re hiring a dedicated team of attorneys, doctors, and paralegals whose singular focus is to help you win your VA appeal and provide you with excellent service along the way.

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