Georgia VA Disability Lawyers

Gang & Associates is one of the leading law firms in the U.S. that supports veterans. Our veterans disability law firm has assisted Georgia veterans with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability claims process for decades. Our sole objective is to ensure you receive the full VA compensation you are entitled to and are not wronged by the system.

Georgia Veterans Eligible to File VA Disability Claims

Georgia residents who have served in the Armed Forces have the right to file a VA disability claim for compensation for a current illness or injury that is a service-connected condition. This means an illness or injury that was caused by or worsened during active duty military service, active duty for training, or in some cases inactive duty training. The ability to file for disability is an important entitlement for our American heroes who have honorably served our country. 

Your current illness or injury must be related to your military service. This means the condition has its origins from an event, injury, or illness that occurred during active service (even if the condition is not diagnosed or does not manifest until many years later), or that your condition developed secondary to another service-connected disability. Or, it could be a pre-existing illness or injury that was made worse by your service, or a disability related to your service that did not appear until your service was complete. If you are awarded a disability rating between 10 and 100 percent, you will receive monthly compensation as a tax-free monetary benefit. Compensation amounts are determined by the veteran’s total disability rating. For example, a 100% rating for a married veteran with a spouse and one child is in excess of $4,000 per month (as of 2024).

VA Disability Claims Process for Georgia Veterans

A veteran’s claim must be supported by evidence in their service medical treatment records, VA or private medical records, and optional lay/witness statements. You first file a Form 21-526EZ listing the specific illnesses and injuries for which you are requesting disability compensation. The form may be submitted online through the VA portal, by fax, by mail, or in person. Veterans are highly encouraged to obtain the free assistance of a VA-accredited Veterans Service Officer in Georgia to help file their claims to help ensure they are done properly and review our extensive free resources and guides

Once your claim is submitted, you may be asked to have a compensation and pension (C&P) exam at a VA medical center or a VA contractor to determine if you have a service-connected disability and to help the VA rate such disability.

VA Appeals Process for Georgia Veterans

If the VA denies your claim in whole or in part, you have one year to file an appeal. The most common reasons the VA denies applications include: (1) incomplete information or lack of necessary documentation, (2) insufficient evidence to support the disability, (3) insufficient evidence to show the disability is connected to military service, or (4) the disability was pre-existing and not aggravated by military service. You have the right to appeal the denial for any reason or if you believe your disability is more severe than the rating the VA assigned to it. 

The VA disability appeals process can be very complex and confusing. Our Georgia VA disability lawyers can help alleviate some of the stress and burden. There are generally three decision review options to appeal: 

  1. File a Supplemental Claim – You can file a Supplemental Claim if you have new and relevant evidence that the VA did not have when they reviewed the case. 
  2. Request a Higher-Level Review – You can ask for a Higher-Level Review in which a reviewer will determine whether an error or a difference of opinion changes the decision. New evidence cannot be submitted at this stage. 
  3. File an Appeal to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals in Washington D.C. – You can request a Board Appeal in which a Veterans Law Judge will review the case. 

You may or may not be able to submit new evidence depending on which one of three Board of Appeal options you select. Final decisions from the Board of Veterans’ Appeals may be appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.  

Georgia VA Disability Lawyers: Gang & Associates is Here to Help

Our legal team can only take your case once your claim has been denied, and working with a lawyer is critical to help ensure success of your appeal. Gang & Associates are Georgia VA disability lawyers who practice exclusively VA benefits law. We have helped thousands of veterans all over the country and in the state of Georgia win their appeals. Gang & Associates will review your claim and create a tailored legal strategy to increase your chances of winning your case. 

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The bottom line is the VA may very well have adjudicated your claim incorrectly. This happens more often than you might think. Our experienced Georgia VA disability lawyers understand the VA bureaucracy and appeals process inside out. We know what the VA raters are looking for and how to present your evidence to ensure your best chance of winning your appeal. Contact us for a free consultation to assist with your appeal.  

Disclaimer: Please note that Gang & Associates is a national law firm with a focus on serving veterans across the United States. While this and other pages on our website provide state-specific information, our services extend nationwide to assist veterans in need. Gang & Associates is a national veterans disability law firm.