VA Accreditation & Attorney Fee Issues

VA Accreditation Defense

To represent veterans and their families in appeals before VA, attorneys, claims agents, and officers of Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) must be accredited by the VA Office of General Counsel (OGC). Veterans may file complaints with OGC when they are not happy with the work of an attorney, claims agent, or VSO officer. OGC fields the complaints and prompts the attorney, claims agent, or VSO officer to respond when there is a suspected violation of the standards of conduct for VA-accredited individuals.

This system is designed to protect veterans, but sometimes, clients may file frivolous complaints against their accredited representatives when they are frustrated by the outcomes of their cases or simply hold a personal grudge against the representative. Other times, the accredited representative may have made a good faith mistake and is eager to comply with VA’s rules if allowed to keep his or her accreditation.

Attorney Fee Challenge & Issues

Veterans and other VA claimants may also challenge the reasonableness of fees charged by attorneys or other VA-accredited individuals. OGC will prompt the accredited representatives to defend the reasonableness of their fees. This process often lasts years, well after the representation has ended.

Let Gang & Associates Help Defend You

Are you a VA-accredited attorney, claims agent, or VSO officer who has been prompted by OGC to respond to either a complaint or a fee reasonableness challenge? We represent accredited individuals facing complaints by the VA’s Office of General Counsel.

Our team includes a lawyer who once worked for the OGC office who sent you that scary letter. Your livelihood may be on the line if you lose your VA accreditation. As such, you need aggressive and skilled representation. The team at Gang & Associates can help. If you would like assistance in responding to OGC, we invite you to contact our office or call 888.878.9350.