How Our California VA Disability Lawyer Team Can Help

As a veteran, you deserve more than a “thank you” for your service. Military service can lead to debilitating health issues, and you should never have to face those challenges alone and without resources.

If you are living with a service-connected health condition from your time in the military, you might be entitled to disability benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Unfortunately, claims are often denied, but our attorneys are here to help you learn about your options after a denial and navigate the process with success. Let our California VA disability lawyer team answer your questions and handle any denied VA claims. 

Qualifying for VA Disability in California

When it comes to qualifying for VA disability benefits, you must meet certain criteria. You must not only establish that you were disabled but also tie that health condition to your military service. A California VA disability lawyer at our firm can provide resources related to determining your eligibility.   

You Served in the Military

Disability benefits through the VA are not limited to former active-duty members. You could be entitled to benefits based on your service for inactive duty training or active duty for training as well.

In addition to the type of service, the details of your discharge are also important. You will typically qualify for benefits if you receive anything other than a Dishonorable discharge. There are situations where an Other than Honorable discharge might also prevent you from qualifying.

You Have a Disabling Condition

To qualify for benefits, you must be living with a condition that is recognized as a disability by the VA. These include injuries or illnesses of a serious and potentially permanent nature.

There is not an exhaustive list of every potential disability. In fact, you may qualify for benefits even if your doctors are unable to provide a precise diagnosis for your symptoms. Any injury or illness that impacts your mind or body could qualify. We have a short list of common cases on our website.

Your Condition is Service-Related

Finally, there must be a link between your disabling condition and your time in the military. This is known as having a service-related condition. VA benefits are only available for health issues that resulted from an incident during your time in the military, although there is some leeway when it comes to identifying this connection. For example, it is often possible to link a health condition even though its symptoms developed after a person’s service has ended.

Our Attorneys are Ready to Help

The support of experienced legal counsel can make all the difference when your initial VA claim does not go the way you hoped. Whether your claim was denied outright or your award was less than you expected, an appeal could help you obtain your desired outcome.  

The thought of appealing a VA claim might seem intimidating at first, but these efforts are often successful. Having an attorney guiding you during this process improves your chances of a positive result. While the process is complicated, our team is ready to ensure you meet every deadline and comply with every requirement.

In addition to handling an appeal on your behalf, we can provide veterans with the tools they need to file their initial claim. Our free resources include helpful guides and a calculator for determining benefits and possible back pay. 

The Cost of Hiring a VA Disability Lawyer

It is understandable to have concerns about the cost of hiring legal counsel for your VA disability claim. The legal team at Gang & Associates understands the financial strain that these disabling conditions can bring, which is why you will only owe us a fee if we are successful in recovering compensation on your behalf. If you are awarded benefits, our firm will retain a percentage of what we recover as our fee. It is important to note that federal law only allows our firm to take on your case after your initial claim has been filed and a decision is made. 

FAQs for California VA Disability Lawyers

How Long Does it Take for the VA to Make a Decision?

Getting an answer on your VA disability claim can take time, regardless of whether you receive a favorable outcome or not. Often, you can expect months of waiting without any contact from the VA before the final decision is made. The government provides an updated estimate of how long it takes for claims to work their way through the system. You can find this estimate at

Can I Get VA Disability Benefits for Anxiety?

While the focus of many disability claims is for life-threatening conditions, one of the most common issues that lead to benefits is a diagnosis of anxiety. The VA can award benefits for anxiety when rated as a primary condition. You might also receive an additional separate rating increased when anxiety is diagnosed as a secondary condition linked to a service-connected health issue. 

Will I Need to Submit to an Examination?

Any time you file a claim for VA disability benefits, you may be asked to report to a medical exam. These are commonly referred to as compensation and pension exams. You will generally be contacted by your VA office or nearby doctors who work with the VA about your examination. 

Appearing at these examinations is mandatory. That said, examinations are not required with every claim. If you are not contacted by the VA, you will not have to submit to an exam. 

Reach Out to a California VA Disability Lawyer Today to Learn More

The denial of your VA claim does not mean your opportunity for disability benefits has come to an end. The attorneys of Gang & Associates are ready to guide you through the process of appealing your claim. Contact us right away for your free initial case review. 

Disclaimer: Please note that Gang & Associates is a national law firm with a focus on serving veterans across the United States. While this and other pages on our website provide state-specific information, our services extend nationwide to assist veterans in need. Gang & Associates is a national veterans disability law firm.