VA Examinations for TBI VA Rating

The process of applying for VA disability can require that you undergo VA examinations during the application process. The outcome of these examinations, in addition to the information you provide to the VA for consideration with your application, will determine your TBI VA rating. Your rating is a percentage from 0 to 100 that directly impacts the amount in compensation you receive. If you have a VA disability claim that has been denied, our VA disability lawyers can help with your appeal. 

About The TBI Examination Process 

The VA reviews the current symptoms of your traumatic brain injury based on the residual effects of your TBI on your life through a comprehensive TBI Examination. The way in which your TBI impacts your cognitive function, behavior, mood, and physical function is assessed to determine the extent of your disability. As detailed by the VA, “(t)he potential residuals of traumatic brain injury necessitate a comprehensive examination to document all disabling effects.” 

The examination process is completed by a qualified medical professional who meets the standards of the VA, who conducts:

  • A review of medical records, including medical history, service history, and current diagnoses
  • To review a list of cognitive TBI symptoms and their manifestation in you to determine the extent to which the TBI is impacting the veteran’s ability to function
  • Physical examinations to determine motor function, sensory function, cognitive impairment, and psychiatric manifestations. 
  • Other symptoms are assessed through other diagnostic and clinical tests as needed to accurately measure your symptoms 

When you work with a veterans benefits law firm like us, we can schedule an appointment with a medical professional from our network. 

Providing Additional Documentation Supports your TBI VA Rating

It is essential that you provide sufficient information about the symptoms and functional impairment that you experience as a result of your service-related TBI. Through VA Form 21-4138, you are able to submit a “Statement in Support of Claim”. This can include opinions from medical experts who have reviewed your current condition, and service-related injury, and state that your current condition was caused by an event, injury, or illness during your active service. Buddy statements, feedback from persons like your family, coworkers, or bosses who are familiar with your condition, can also be submitted through this form. 

Connect with a TBI VA Disability Lawyer to Determine Options for Your TBI VA Rating

Experiencing a traumatic brain injury during active service can impact your post-service life in every way, from personal relationships to your ability to work. Getting an accurate TBI VA rating requires effective presentation and sufficient evidence, and we can help. Call us at 888-878-9350 or visit our site to schedule a free case evaluation.