Impact of Migraines on Employment

If you are a veteran experiencing migraines, the disability rating that the VA assigns to your disability is meant to determine “the extent to which a veteran’s service-connected disability adversely affects his or her ability to function under the conditions of daily life, including employment…”. The extent to which your migraines impact your employment determines your migraine VA rating percentage and the amount of tax-free compensation you are entitled to each month. 

Working with the VA disability lawyers from our law firm will provide you with the support you need to assemble the strongest case in favor of your VA disability benefits for migraines. 

The Impact of Frequent Migraines on Work 

When you have frequent migraines, your ability to work is impacted in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Difficulty concentrating and focusing in the hours leading up to the migraine
  • A total inability to perform at work while the migraine is occurring
  • A lack of focus that negatively impacts work during the recovery period following a migraine 
  • Often there is a need to lie down in a quiet, dark room

When a veteran has frequent migraines throughout the week, and medication and the following of a doctor-prescribed treatment regimen are not working, the VA will assign you a disability rating of 0 percent, 10 percent, 30 percent, or 50 percent for your migraines. 

The Need to Show Prostrating Attacks is Essential to Your VA Migraine Rating

Your evidence must show that you suffer from frequent “prostrating” attacks.  The key to the higher rating levels for service-connected migraines is the level of severity and frequency of migraine attacks.  To collect VA disability the maximum benefits for your migraines you need to show very frequent and prolonged attacks. Prostrating attacks are those that are so severe that you are incapable of paying attention to other activities and have to lie down until it subsides. This can lead to your doctor ordering you to avoid work, driving, and other situations in which you would put yourself or others at risk during your migraine attacks. 

You are not eligible to receive tax-free monthly payments until your disability is rated at 10 percent or greater. For migraines, to receive a disability rating of 30 percent you must have migraine headaches that produce prostrating attacks on average of once per month over the last several months. For a 50 percent rating, you also must have very frequent, completely prostrating attacks productive of severe economic inadaptability–meaning, symptoms substantially impact your ability to work. 

Migraines Can Cause Significant Functional Impairment

In assigning your migraine VA rating, the VA will look to statements from your coworkers and employers if you provide them in your application. In a recent case in which a veteran’s denied claim for VA disability for migraines was reversed, employer statements demonstrated that the veteran’s migraines caused poor concentration, irritability, the avoidance of stressful situations, and frequent absences. Working with an attorney who knows that this kind of evidence could make the difference between approval and denial will support the outcome of your appeal. 

Discuss Your Migraines and VA Benefits with an Attorney

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