Tips for a Successful Migraine VA Rating Claim

Your migraine VA rating is a percentage assigned for your migraines that determines the amount of compensation you are entitled to from the VA. Migraines can receive a rating of 0 percent, 10 percent, 30 percent, and 50 percent from the VA. The difference can be substantial, as the tax-free monthly payment for a 10 percent disability is currently $165.92, while 50 percent is currently $1,041.82, depending upon your eligibility. 

To support the most accurate migraine VA rating for your migraines, the VA disability lawyers from our law firm apply their experience and understanding of what the VA requires and our extensive network of medical professionals to put together the most substantial appeal possible on your behalf. 

Provide Sufficient Medical Evidence 

To be eligible to collect VA disability benefits for your service-connected migraines, it is necessary that you demonstrate that your condition has a substantial impact on your ability to engage in gainful employment. This means that you must suffer from frequent migraine attacks that medication is incapable of controlling. To prove this, you must provide evidence of a current diagnosis from a doctor and proof that you received a treatment plan, adhered to that treatment plan, and saw the doctor regularly for check-ups and changes to your treatment plan. 

Submitting extensive documentation of your migraines and related treatment provides a key building block for your VA disability appeal. 

Keep a Journal Documenting How Your Migraines are Impacting Your Life 

Keeping a journal of how your migraines are impacting you, including how frequent and severe they are, can provide your doctor and the VA with important information. The frequency and severity of your migraines determine their impact on your ability to work and, consequently, the VA disability rating you receive. We always ask clients whether their migraines are so severe that they have to lie still in a dark room until they subside.  And if so, how often per week does this happen?  Phrased differently, when trying to obtain the maximum rating for migraines, we like to see symptoms that include severe attacks that force you to lie down in a dark room multiple times per week.

Submit Statements from Coworkers and Employers 

Alongside a current diagnosis of your migraines and proof of a treatment plan that you have been following, statements from witnesses to your migraines and their severity can also be especially valuable. One of the most important and relevant opinions concerning how your migraines impact your ability to work comes from your employer. Your employer has direct experience with your migraines and has witnessed how they impact your performance on the job. 

Statements from employers and coworkers explaining how your migraines impact your economic sustainability are carefully considered by the VA in the review of your claim. They are submitted through VA Form 21-4138, a “buddy statement,” which your VA disability attorney can help you complete. 

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