VA Disability Claims

An Essential Guide for U.S. Veterans

You may have been fighting the Veterans Administration for 5, 10, 15, 20 years or longer. No matter how many times you explain your case and submit evidence, the VA continues to deny your claim.

You are probably wondering whether you will ever live to see your claim granted.

We have discovered several key reasons why the VA denies claims. The first reason concerns the lack of legal training on the part of most veterans. Veterans typically rely on logic instead of evidence to present their cases. What does that mean?

Most veterans lay out logical arguments in their presentation to the VA and the claim still gets denied. Veterans routinely place a lot of weight on flawless logic as a means of “reasoning” with the VA to grant the claim.

But you see, “logic” is not the same as evidence. In the arena of legal cases, it doesn’t matter how logical your position is or even that your story is true. At the end of the day, the VA and the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) judges care only about what you can prove—with cold, hard evidence. This guide is your playbook to win and maximize your VA disability benefits claims (even if you’ve been denied).

VA Disability Claims

What’s in the eBook?

  • Overview of
    TDIU Benefits
  • What TDIU
    Benefits Pay
  • Requirements for
    TDIU Benefits
  • TDIU Evidence
  • Tips on Filling Out
    VA Form 21-8940
  • Mistakes to Avoid
    in TDIU Application

A veteran may have supplied every piece of evidence required to prove they are eligible for TDIU benefits. Still, if the evidence is not clear and organized or contains too much irrelevant information, the VA may deny the claim by mistake.

Veterans can reduce the risk of errors and delays by submitting a well-prepared, clear, and concise TDIU claim. A solid claim can speed up the entire TDIU claims process, ensuring you receive your monthly payment as fast as possible after filing.

Your Guide to Developing
Your Disability Case to Win

  • 1

    How to Collect
    Evidence to Support
    Your Claim

  • 2

    The Top 7 Reasons Why
    VA Rejects Private
    Medical Opinions

  • 3

    7 Secrets to Getting
    a Good Private Medical

  • 4

    Do’s and Don’ts for
    Your Compensation and
    Pension (C&P) Exam