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We Believe in Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Survivors

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is recognized annually in the U.S. every April. This year marks the 23rd anniversary of this campaign. Its mission is profound: to raise awareness of sexual violence around the world and show support for survivors. During this month, the VA works especially hard in an effort to make known what resources it provides for survivors of MST and educate military communities on how to prevent it. The VA believes in MST survivors, as do the lawyers and staff at Gang & Associates. We value you as a survivor, not a victim.

What is MST?

The VA uses the term MST to refer to occurrences of sexual assault or sexual harassment experienced by a military member during their military service. It includes any sexual activity that you are involved with against your will. Anyone, regardless of their gender identity, can experience sexual trauma. MST can be a life-changing event, and many survivors who have endured such trauma may suffer in significant ways. Many veterans who have survived an MST incident have been subsequently diagnosed with a disabling condition related to their MST, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or even a physical health diagnosis. 

Options Available to MST Survivors

You can report an MST at any time, regardless of how much time has elapsed since the incident. You can receive free, tailored treatment options for any mental and/or physical health conditions related to your MST at every VA medical facility. The VA offers specialized MST treatment in inpatient settings across the country. They also provide countless other resources for MST survivors, such as crisis lines and VA telemental health. MST survivors can also apply for VA disability compensation for any mental or physical diagnosis related to their in-service MST. See a complete list of VA mental health resources.

For any MST-related claim, you must show service connection by providing evidence that you have a current disabling health condition (e.g. PTSD) and that an MST incident occurred during your military service that caused or aggravated your current disabling health condition. Once you file your VA claim for disability, the VA will evaluate it and make a decision. If it is approved, you may receive monthly, tax-free disability compensation depending on your rating. If the VA denies your claim or you receive too low a rating, it is time to call a law firm that values you and understands the trauma you experienced.

Gang & Associates Cares About You

We recognize you have been through a very distressing experience, and we are here to help you with any issues you may have related to a disability compensation denial or low disability rating related to your MST. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case. We promise to treat you with the utmost dignity and understanding that you deserve regarding your claim.

We are Here to Help

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