VA Examinations for Back Pain VA Rating Claims

Collecting VA disability benefits requires that you submit an application with sufficient proof of your current diagnosis and that it is related to your active service to receive a back pain VA rating. Your rating is a percentage on a scale that determines what level of tax-free compensation you could be eligible for. If your claim for back pain disability benefits has been denied, our veterans disability law firm can help. 

A Medical Exam is Essential for Your Back VA Rating and Disability Claim

The Compensation and Pension Exam (C&P Exam) is generally a part of your VA disability application. During this exam, you’ll be reviewed by a VA-approved doctor, often at a VHA facility, with your current condition, military records, and medical evidence being reviewed. The purpose of your C&P Exam is to determine whether or not your disability, generally referred to by the VA as a current condition, is service-related. The C&P Exam also helps the VA determine your back pain VA rating. 

A C&P Exam is Not Always Necessary for Your Back Pain CA Claim

When you provide the VA with “enough medical evidence in support of your claim,” the VA follows the Acceptable Clinical Evidence Process (ACE). This means they’ll review your medical records, and request additional evidence, in place of you having to engage in an exam. 

The kind of medical evidence the VA is looking for to allow you to avoid the C&P Exam include: 

  • Hospital reports 
  • Test results
  • Additional documentation 

Choosing your own experts for your medical assessment ensures that you receive a complete and accurate diagnosis of your current disability to submit to the VA. You can also include journals documenting your symptoms, as well as additional statements in support of your application. These come from family members or fellow service members who are familiar with the cause of your injury or how its symptoms impact you. 

Get Help with Your VA Back Pain Claim from a VA Benefits Law Firm

The purpose of undergoing a VA exam, or submitting medical evidence after undergoing one with your own expert, is for the VA to determine the functional impairment that your back pain causes. The amount of disability benefits you are eligible for depends upon your back pain VA rating, and a VA benefits attorney can help you through the process.  

Our experienced veterans benefits lawyers have decades of combined experience helping veterans get their claims approved or their denials overturned on appeal. To learn how our team of experienced attorneys can help, call us at 888-878-9350 or visit our site to schedule a free case evaluation.