Time Deadlines for U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Cases

  1. You will receive a Notice of Docketing shortly after filing an appeal with the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Obtain the date of the Notice of Docketing.
  2. Calculate 60 calendar days from the Notice of Docketing for when the Record Before the Agency (“RBA”) is due.
  3. From the time that VA mails the RBA, calculate 19 days for a response. During this time, you must review the documents to make sure they are complete, accurate, and legible.
  4. If the RBA is satisfactory, you will notify the Court that you accept the RBA.
  5. The Court will then issue an order directing that a brief be filed within 60 days. You must mark your calendar and prepare your brief within this time. The Court will also send a form for an informal brief. This form guides you through the process of submitting a pro se brief to the Court.

Keep in mind that either you or the VA attorney can request a 45-day extension of time for any item required under the Court’s rules.