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Whistleblower Rewards for Veterans Who Report Defense Contractor Fraud

As soldiers, veterans and military contractors, we pride ourselves on the services we provide to our nation. The government offers hundreds of billions of dollars each year to defense contractors and private security companies who work to keep America strong.

While the VA struggles to provide services to our nation’s warriors, some defense contractors are living high on the hog – defrauding the government, taxpayers and sometimes their own workers.

No matter what your personal politics, we can all agree that defense contractor fraud does nothing to help our service member and contracted security personnel clients. If anything, their fraud puts our nation and personnel at risk. Kevlar body armor that won’t stop bullets? Hiring poorly trained and under-equipped security officers to defend overseas military facilities?

That’s just not right and you can stop them while possibly earning a cash reward.

False Claims Act Pays Cash Rewards for Tips on Defense Contractor Fraud

We have teamed up with one of the leading whistleblower law firms to represent active military, veterans and defense contractor personnel that wish to become whistleblowers.

Why would anyone become a whistleblower? For most folks, it simply is the right thing to do. Those that defend our freedom have a great sense of right and wrong. They know fraud when they see it.

If that isn’t enough of a reason, a Civil War era anti-fraud law allows whistleblowers with inside information about fraud to earn cash awards. The information must relate to private contractors or vendors that are misusing government funds.

Generally, only the first to report is eligible for an award although there are a few exceptions.

The law that pays whistleblowers rewards is called the False Claims Act and it pays between 15% and 30% of whatever the government collects from the wrongdoers. With triple damage provisions and big statutory penalties, the awards can quickly grow quite large.

Our partner firm on these cases has already collected and turned over $100,000,000.00 (one hundred million dollars) in reward money to clients.

Veterans Report Overbilling, Defective Goods and Misrepresentation

Defense contractors who attempt to skirt the law for their own financial gain may participate in a number of deceitful schemes. What types of misconduct might be eligible for an award?

  • A private pharmacy that overcharges the government for prescriptions that are covered by Tricare
  • A private security firm that bills the State Department for 1000 hours of service when the people assigned the contract only worked 500 hours or none at all
  • A defense contractor that sells equipment or goods to the military knowing those goods are defective or do not perform as required
  • A private company that wrongfully represents itself as being owned by a combat disabled veteran simply to secure a VA set aside contract.

All of these actions are illegal yet they happen daily.

Most of our clients are military veterans, although we have a growing number of clients who today work for private security vendors. Embassy security is now becoming the province of private security vendors instead of the Marine Corps.

Last year the State Department issued security contracts worth more than $20 billion to Aegis Defense Services, Chenega Patriot Group, GardaWorld Government Services, Sallyport Global Holdings, SOC, Sterling Operations and Triple Canopy. The numbers are staggering and so is the potential for fraud. You know it happens and so do we.

Please call us if you have inside knowledge of fraud involving government contracts or funds and are interested in whether or not you would be entitled to a whistleblower award as well as the potential amount of that cash reward. Your consultation with one of our defense contractor whistleblower lawyers is always confidential, without charge and without obligation. 888.878.9350

We are excited to help our clients keep fighting the good fight.

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