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What is The Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer (PEBLO)

A PEBLO (Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer) is assigned to any service member who is diagnosed with a medical condition and referred to IDES (the Integrated Disability Evaluation System). Throughout the DoD Disability Process, the PEBLO serves as the primary point of contact for the service member, his or her family, the chain of command, and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

What Are the Roles of PEBLOs?

For each service member with a medical condition that qualifies for Military Disability, the PEBLO is responsible for gathering all relevant information from them, their doctors, their commander, and any other sources. Ultimately, the service member must guarantee that their Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer can collect all the evidence necessary for their case.

The PEBLO transmits the service member’s physician’s recommendations to the Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer at the beginning of the Integrated Disability Evaluation System procedure. They then refer the service member to their VA counterpart, the Military Services Coordinator (MSC).

The MSC is a service member’s main point of contact for questions related to the VA disability claims process. The MSC assists the service member in submitting the VA Disability Claim and scheduling the C&P Exam.

The PEBLO begins to gather information while the service member is working with the MSC. The results of the C&P exam are forwarded to the PEBLO, who then forwards the data to the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB).

The PEBLO will keep the service member informed of the claim’s status while the MEB and the PEB are doing their thing.

What Happens After a Decision Has Been Made?

Once a decision has been made, the PEBLO meets with the service member to discuss the consequences of the MEB’s decision. For any queries or concerns, the PEBLO has to be on hand to clarify and answer them.

The PEBLO will meet with the service member again to review the outcomes of the PEB’s fitness judgment and the VA’s Rating Decision once the PEB reaches its decision. An appeal (or “rebuttal”) is an option available to service members. The PEBLO will explain the decisions, address any concerns the service member may have, and guide the service member through the process.

How Can the PEBLO Help Veterans?

PEBLOs help service members who are dissatisfied with the PEB’s decision to appeal to the Formal Physical Evaluation Board (FPEB).

For the sake of thoroughness and personal record-keeping, the service member should receive a copy of every document the PEBLO can compile throughout the investigation.

How PEBLOs Matter

  • The Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer (PEBLO) for Veterans is a critical position in the Department of Veterans Affairs. The PEBLO is responsible for filing documents that determine the Veteran’s physical status. The outcome of this will decide whether the Veteran is eligible for disability benefits or not. The PEBLO also works with the Veteran to file claims and appeal decisions.
  • The PEBLO helps ensure that service members have access to information about their evaluation and potential discharge, and assists with filing appeals or requesting waivers. The PEBLO also provides support to service members’ families and loved ones during this difficult time.
  • PEBLOs provide support to Veterans who are going through the physical evaluation process.

Veterans Disability Info

In conclusion, the PEBLO is an important part of the VA process. They help Veterans through the evaluation process and work to get them the benefits they deserve. If you are a Veteran and have questions about the evaluation process, be sure to reach out to your local PEBLO. You may also contact Veterans Disability Info at 888.878.9350 or by filling out our online form for more details on how we may be able to assist.