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What Is a “Grunt” in the Military and Why Do We Appreciate Them?

Who would want to be called a “grunt”? The name probably sounds crude or derogatory to most people. But not to us. We appreciate the military grunts who’ve fought for us, been wounded for us, and have kept this country free. We know the sacrifices grunts have made over the years and the ones they’re still making today. In simple terms, we know there’s dignity behind the rough and rude name “grunt.”

Military Slang

It was 1969, during the first decade of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, when “grunt” was first used as a nickname for U.S. infantry soldiers who performed their difficult, dangerous, and dirty work in a typically American, soldierly fashion.

A Badge of Honor

The name might have been meant as an insult, but it turned into a badge of honor. There is a long and storied history of military nicknames dating back to the “Dragoons” of the Revolutionary War, through the “Buffalo Soldiers” of the Civil War, Teddy Roosevelt’s “Rough Riders” in the 1890s, the “Devil Dogs” and “Dough Boys” of WWI, and “Yanks” of WWII. American fighting troops of the Vietnam era all the way up to today have borne the name “grunt” with the same pride as American warfighters before them.

What Grunt Means to Us

At Gang and Associates, we hold military grunts in the highest esteem. To us, a military grunt is someone who did their duty (and more) to the best of their ability under incredibly trying circumstances without complaining about their situation.

Whether you’re on active duty or are a military veteran, if you’ve ever been a grunt, we want you to know that we’re grateful and appreciate your service to our country.

Our firm exclusively protects and defends military veterans’ legal rights. You risked your life in the armed services, selflessly doing grunt work for your country. We were founded to work for you.

Our Mission

We help veterans navigate the complicated and often hostile legal and political system to get the benefits and compensation they’ve earned and deserve. Some of our clients have physical wounds, and some have hidden, emotional, or psychological wounds. Many of our clients are or were grunts, but all of them are veterans who deserve our ongoing respect.

We are Here to Help

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