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When it comes to receiving compensation for injuries incurred in the line of duty, many disabled Veterans find it difficult to navigate the system. An experienced Veterans benefits lawyer who represents Arkansas veterans should be hired. The application procedure for these benefits is complicated, which is why enlisting the help of Veterans disability lawyers who handle VA appeals for Arkansas veterans is essential.

Lawyers for Arkansas Veterans Specialized in Veterans’ Compensation

When you choose a lawyer specializing in this area of the law, they will begin by gathering information about your situation. The lawyers for Veterans’ benefits in Arkansas will be able to determine exactly what kind of compensation you are entitled to after receiving this information.

Lawyers who specialize in disability issues have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the application procedure. At Veteran’s Disability Info, we can assist disabled Arkansas Veterans in obtaining the benefits they are entitled to because of our in-depth knowledge of the subject.

What Information Is Needed To Get Compensation From Arkansas VA?

Your attorney for Veterans’ disabilities will need to gather certain critical facts to determine whether or not you are eligible for compensation. To begin, let us know what kind of impairment you’re dealing with. Second, you must be able to show that you were injured while serving in the military. Having a doctor’s note explaining the severity and source of your injuries is also essential.

Lack of paperwork is a major problem for disabled Veterans seeking disability compensation. Veterans’ disability lawyers are aware of the need to submit medical records when claiming disability compensation. If you’re looking for disability benefits in Arkansas, we can help you get the medical records and expert medical nexus opinions you need to win your eligibility.

The Arkansas VA medical facilities are also available for your use. With a wide range of services ranging from preventative medicine and general care to sophisticated surgical operations and long-term rehabilitation, there are two hospitals in Little Rock and North Little Rock. They can obtain an expert medical nexus opinion that is necessary to win a claim with the Veterans Administration.

The Arkansas VA Appeals Process

If the Arkansas VA office has denied your claim, your lawyer may submit an appeal within one year by choosing one of three appeal options: higher-level review, supplemental claim, or direct Board appeal. If the denial involved a legacy case (prior to February 2019), an appeal within one year would be required by filing a Notice of Disagreement with the VA regional office. Within one year of the date on which your local VA office mailed its original decision denying your claim, you must file some form of appeal, regardless of whether the case is a newer AMA case or an older legacy case.

You may expect your claim to be reviewed by a VA decision review officer as part of the review process. It’s possible that your lawyer will ask for a personal hearing to be held instead. The decision review officer who will review your claim will preside over a personal hearing. You have the right to a personal hearing as part of your appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals.

During the hearing, the VA Board Member may ask you questions, and your lawyer may present any new medical evidence that supports your claim for disability benefits. Before the hearing, your attorney may go through questions with you to assist you in better understanding what you’re about to face. Your ability to describe your condition and how it relates to your military service is critical. However, hearings can pose a liability to veterans because it does expose them to questioning by the Board and the risk of being trapped into making an inconsistent statement. For this reason and others, many prudent attorneys opt to rely on medical experts as opposed to hearings.

Veterans can take their case to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims as a last resort. A Notice of Appeal can be filed with the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims if the Board of Veterans’ Appeals has erroneously denied your claim. Veterans have 120 days after a Board denial to file a Notice of Appeal to the CAVC.

The Fees Charged by Arkansas Veterans Disability Lawyers

VA disability attorney fees and costs are a concern for many people. The vast majority of cases involve contingency fees. This means that no fees are charged unless you win, so lawyers only get paid if you do. The typical fee structure ranges from 20 to 33 percent of retroactive pay as a contingency fee. Don’t put off receiving the legal help you need because you’re worried about paying the VA disability attorneys’ fees and costs. You treated your nation with honor and decency during your time of service. Having served your country bravely, it is now your turn to get the disability benefits you deserve.

Who Our Lawyers Can Assist

Veteran’s Disability Info attorneys have been successfully handling Arkansas VA benefits claims for many years for the following sorts of clients:

  • Veterans – someone who served in the military and was released or dismissed for reasons other than dishonorable according to the Veterans Administration (VA).
  • Veterans’ spouses – Dependency and Indemnity Compensation is available to the surviving spouse of a Veteran. A Veteran’s spouse might be eligible for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation if the Veteran died as a result of an accident or sickness contracted while serving in the military or while on active duty, training, or inactive duty.
  • A veteran’s unmarried children under the age of 18 (or 23 in the case of students) may be eligible for financial assistance. Additional benefits may be available to some handicapped adult children.

We are Here to Help

If your application for Veterans' disability benefits was denied, we may be able to help. At Gang & Associates, we represent Arkansas veterans at all stages of the VA appeals process and the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. If the Arkansas VA recently denied you, we invite you to contact us at 888.878.9350 or online today.