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A Promise to Veterans: Fighting for Your Well-Deserved Benefits

Our VA disability benefits law firm is standing by to review your VA disability denial or supplemental claim to determine how we can help. We provide risk-free, cost-free initial consultations to determine if your case fits with our firm, and if so, how we can help. Our mission is to assist veterans in achieving transformative, life-changing outcomes. We accept complex cases for veterans who have been unable to work as a result of their service connected disabilities, and we seek the maximum benefit in each of those cases.

With the maximum VA disability rating, you are able to collect the compensation that you require to account for your disabilities. Connect with our VA disability benefits law firm to learn more. 

Veterans Experience High Risk of Physical Injury and Mental Health Issues 

The experience of being in active combat results in a substantially greater risk of physical injury for veterans, which should be obvious. When an event or incident during your active service, qualifying training, or other activity resulted in long-term, life-changing injuries with chronic disability, you are entitled to VA disability compensation. In terms of anxiety and depression, research conducted by the VA has found that veterans of different foreign wars experience differing rates of anxiety and depression and that further research is needed. 

Physical and mental injuries can worsen over time and evolve into different conditions that may also have their own rating. For example, combat veterans experience a greater risk of PTSD than other veterans given the exposure to violence and loss. PTSD can lead to a greater risk of additional forms of anxiety or depression, and the treatments for those conditions can impact health in other ways. In fact, PTSD is a form of an anxiety disorder.

In terms of physical injury, a service-connected knee disability with altered gait, can lead to a back disability due to alterations in body mechanics due to the lower extremity disability. These resulting conditions are considered secondary to the primary service-connected condition. You need to provide the VA with evidence that the changes in your condition or new disabilities are linked to your primary service-connected condition. Your VA disability lawyer can only help in certain circumstances, specifically appeals of denials and supplemental claims for matters previously denied more than one year prior. 

Claims and Cases We Can Help With

While your initial VA disability application can be filed on your own, or with the assistance of a free VA-accredited representative you can find through the VA, such as a VSO, a VA disability lawyer from our firm can only help in certain circumstances. Attorneys are not allowed to be paid to assist veterans in the preparation of their initial VA disability claims. Although some lawyers may represent veterans in initial claims, we find that to be a conflict of interest.  We believe that if you can get your claim granted with an initial application for free, then you should do so.  As VA disability lawyers, we get involved only if you have been denied and need more sophisticated representation in the appeal stages of a case.

A VA disability lawyer from our firm can help you receive the full benefits you deserve in the following: 

  • Appeals 
  • Supplemental claims for issues that were denied more than one year prior

The quality of the evidence that you submit and the sophistication of the legal arguments determines the outcome of your VA claim. It is essential that you prove that you have a current diagnosis and that your current diagnosis is linked to your active service. This connection can be supported through a nexus letter, which is a medical opinion from a qualified expert who has reviewed your medical and service history, and determined that your current diagnosis is linked to your active duty. 

Appeals to Your Denied VA Disability Claim 

If your initial VA disability application has been denied by the VA, you can take advantage of the benefits of a VA disability lawyer for assistance. We help you gather evidence in support of your appealto make sure that the VA has all the info they need when reviewing your claim. This can include referring you to our network of medical and occupational experts to measure the impact of your service-connected disabilities on your health and ability to work, as well as addressing the nexus with service.  Once your matter has been denied and you decide to appeal, careful attention must be paid to determining which appeal option to choose. Each of the options differ in terms of what evidence can be submitted.  As such, when it comes to an appeal, speaking to a qualified VA disability lawyer is invaluable.  

The appeals process can be time-consuming, and while it can take months or even years between the time that you file and receive a decision, you are entitled to benefits from the time of filing. What this means is that if you file today and it takes 5 years to process your appeal and it is then approved, you are entitled to benefits from the time that you filed forward.  This is considered the retroactive pay or past due benefits. Our legal fee is generally a percentage of the back pay that we achieve in your claim, which means that you pay nothing out of pocket on your case, ever. 

Increasing Your Combined VA Disability Rating 

The VA disability rating that you receive determines the amount of monthly compensation that is received. In measuring the extent of your disability, the VA looks to the degree to which your everyday life, and ability to work, is impacted. The purpose of VA disability payments is to replace diminished earning capacity due to your service-connected disabilities. 

There is a significant difference between a 10 percent rating and a 100 percent rating. For a single veteran with no dependents, a 10 percent rating as of the publication date of this article equates to $165.92 per month. Comparatively, a veteran alone with no dependents is entitled to $3,621.95 per month with a 100 percent disability rating. 

Your VA Disability Lawyer Handles Your Appeal in Full 

If we represent you in your VA disability appeal or supplemental claim, we take over the entire process on your behalf. While we may need your participation in obtaining documents or attending medical exams, we’ll do our best to minimize the impact on you. We fully analyze your complete file, which includes all service and post-service treatment records, develop a strategy, and then begin building the case with experts and other evidence.  By doing this, we increase the chances of obtaining the best possible outcome on your behalf. 

While the process can take some time, and we can make no promises about how long it can take, we can promise that we will submit the most effective appeal on your behalf possible. In tough cases, this often means multiple rounds of appeals, including appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.
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