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2023 VA Disability Pay Rates and Schedule

On December 1, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs published the 2023 VA pay rates and disability payment schedule.

Veterans who have been injured or developed a health condition due to military service may be eligible for monthly VA disability payments. This article will cover how veterans qualify for disability benefits, the payment amounts veterans can expect to receive, and the VA pay schedule for 2023.

What Qualifies a Veteran for Benefits?

To be eligible for VA disability payments, you must show service connection for your health condition.

To prove service connection, veterans must show the following:

  • In-service event: some event that occurred during service, such as an injury, toxin exposure, or traumatic experience.
  • Current and chronic diagnosis: an existing diagnosis of a health condition for which treatment or impairment is expected to be long-lasting or permanent.
  • In-service event and disability nexus: Evidence of a connection between the service-related event and the current diagnosis.

Evidence for a nexus between an in-service event and disability can include military records, medical records, buddy letters, and medical nexus letters.

How Are VA Disability Payments Calculated?

The VA disability benefits program is a government-funded program that pays monthly compensation to veterans with service-connected health conditions. For each veteran, payment amounts are based on a disability rating—the higher the rating, the higher the monthly payments. A veteran’s disability rating is based on the severity of their service-connected medical condition.

In addition, the VA disability payment amount increases with the number of dependent children, parents, or spouses.

To determine your disability payment amounts, a VA C&P examiner may evaluate your service-connected health problems for severity, including the impact on your ability to maintain employment. The VA will use the information to assign a disability rating between 0% and 100%.

When a veteran has more than one service-connected health condition, the VA may assign a combined disability rating.

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How Much Are 2023 Monthly VA Disability Payments?

Each year, the federal government adjusts VA disability benefits to reflect the Social Security Administration’s cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). For 2023, the federal cost-of-living adjustment came to 8.7%, increasing veterans’ payments significantly from the 2022 VA payment amounts. Effective December 1st, 2023, the monthly veterans disability payment amounts for veterans with no dependents are as follows:

  • $165.92 per month for 10% disability
  • $327.99 per month for 20% disability
  • $508.05 per month for 30% disability
  • $731.86 per month for 40% disability
  • $1,041.82 per month for 50% disability
  • $1,319.65 per month for 60% disability
  • $1,663.06 per month for 70% disability
  • $1,933.15 per month for 80% disability
  • $2,172.39 per month for 90% disability
  • $3,621.95 per month for 100% disability

Veterans with a 0% VA disability rating are not eligible for monthly VA disability benefits in the form of payment. However, they may be eligible to receive VA health care and other benefits. In addition, a veteran assigned a 0% rating can always file later claims for an increased rating. Increased VA ratings are awarded when you can prove a greater level of disability impairment.

Our VA Disability Calculator can help you determine any additional monthly veteran disability payments with dependent children, parents, or spouses.

What is the VA Disability Pay Schedule for 2023?

The VA pays disability benefits on the first business day of each month. If the first business day is a holiday, VA benefits are paid on the last business day of the previous month.

The VA pay schedule for 2023 is as follows:

  • January – Wednesday, Feb. 1
  • February – Wednesday, Mar. 1
  • March – Friday, Mar. 31
  • April – Monday, May 1
  • May – Thursday, June 1
  • June – Friday, June 30
  • July – Tuesday, August 1
  • August – Friday, September 1
  • September – Friday, September 29
  • October – Wednesday, November 1
  • November – Friday, December 1
  • December – Friday, December 29

How Long Does VA Retroactive Pay Take?

Veterans should receive retroactive disability benefits, back pay, or past-due benefits by check or direct deposit within 15 days of VA retroactive benefits approval. However, it is common for retroactive payments to be delayed for several months. On the other hand, sometimes you can receive a deposit from VA into your bank account before you ever receive notification of a favorable decision.

How Can I Increase My Monthly VA Disability Payment?

If you feel your assigned VA disability rating is inadequate or are otherwise dissatisfied with the results of your VA disability claim, you can request a Board appeal, supplemental claim, or higher-level review at any time.

An experienced veterans disability lawyer can help you decide which option is best for your specific case and increase your odds of success. To learn more in a free, no-obligation consultation, contact our veterans’ disability attorneys at 888.878.9350 or connect online.

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