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Help for Transitioning Military Personnel

Every once in a while something so worthwhile crosses my desk that it demands I take a few minutes to inform our blog readers about it.  For veterans separating from active duty, transitioning to civilian employment can often be a challenge.  The changing economy and tough job market makes the process more difficult.  In addition, many veterans have family and financial responsibilities that make it impractical to undertake a full time course of study at a college.  Pursuing a 2 or 4 year degree full time may not be feasible for many veterans.

But now, thankfully, there is a program that allows a veteran to pursue an exciting career in the telecommunications industry with only a 6-week training program.  The program is a partnership between ComStar LLC and Cumberland University in Tennessee.  More information can be found at  This exciting program features an in-house National Veterans Service Officer/Accredited Field Service Representative who can assist transitioning military personnel and veterans with activation of the VA benefits to which they are entitled.

The first class starts January 26, 2015.  There are direct hire opportunities for tower technicians.  There are jobs starting at $45K to $50K after training plus all the overtime a veteran can handle.

This program would not be possible except for the dedicated work of Sgt. Hermogenes Marrero, U.S.M.C., retired.  He is not only the program’s catalyst but also the director of Veterans Affairs and Staffing.  He can be reached at hermvetrep@comstar.educat.   Sgt. Marrero has taken seriously the principles behind Hiring Our Heroes.  I salute Sgt. Marrero, Comstar, and Cumberland University for the hard work they have done in establishing this program to assist veterans.

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