This Veteran developed eczema during his long military career that spanned from the Vietnam era through peace-time.

Result: Granted TDIU.

While in the service this veteran was involved in food services. He was trained as a chef. During service he developed a skin condition, which the doctors diagnosed as eczema. He eventually obtained service connection for the condition. However, the VA did not give him a high enough rating. He filed to increase his rating. He kept getting denied and he eventually appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. He hired us to help him.

When we began to review his file we noticed that his skin condition really interfered with his ability to work as a chef. He had flaking and cracking skin, which made it impossible to work around food. We discovered that the Board failed to address whether to refer his case for extraschedular consideration. We obtained a remand of his case.

On remand back at the Board, we continued to develop evidence to support a claim for TDIU. We believed that the Veteran’s situation warranted a total disability rating. His skin condition was rated at 60 percent by itself and it was clear to us that he was unable to work. We obtained an expert report from a medical expert who agreed. The expert gave the opinion that the Veteran was unable to work in his vocation. We submitted additional arguments and evidence to the Board. The Board re-decided the case and granted TDIU.