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Mr. Gang goes above and beyond to help veterans.

I have been fighting for my VA benefits for over 8 years. In the beginning, I had very little help and done most everything on my own with no luck. I spoke to a few about helping, but had no luck. I would have to say that the most frustrating thing about filing for my benefits was the time it took. I think the VA system nees more help in going though decisions for benefits. Maybe that would cut some of the time in the process. When trying to handle my appeal on my own, I was lost and didn’t really know where to begin. I had spoken to a service representative from the American Legion, but he was not of any help. If anything, he delayed the process. Mr. Gang’s law firm did win my VA benefits. After picking from a list of attorneys, I decided on Mr. Gang’s law firm. It was the best decision I could have made. He and his assistants were very helpful, and treated me with respect. What I liked most about Mr. Gang’s services was that whenever I needed to speak with him, he was always there or returned my phone calls in a very timely manner. Whenever Mr. Gang received information he always passed it along to me. I would say that Mr. gang and all of his assistants worked very hard for me. It has been a long wait, and sometimes very tough. But, once I chose Mr. Gang’s firm it didn’t take long at all. I am very thankful to Mr. Gang and his firm. I would definitely recommend Mr. Gang’s law firm to another veteran who is having a hard time obtaining their VA benefits. Mr. Gang goes above and beyond to help veterans. Mr. Gang treated me with respect and always kept in touch with me. Even when he had no news at all, he would just call to tell me he hadn’t forgot about me.