Mr. Gang really cares and understands veteran issues.
Kenneth M. HodgeBuffalo, New York

My name is Kenneth M. Hodge former U.S. Navy Radioman. I served in 1985 and was injured in a car accident in 1989. Then sent on a six month deployment without proper medical care. I put in a claim for benefits with the VA and I have been fighting from for a proper rating for decades. The most frustrating aspect of dealing with the VA appeals process is them being fair. The VA will overlook important evidence, try to intimidate you from pursuing your claim and make you wait a lifetime. Years will pass by before action is taken on your care. It will be a long hard battle but worth the wait. I didn’t ask to be hurt while on the job serving my country. It was unthinkable for me to handle my own case, I needed a great lawyer who could handle my own case and fight to the end with me. I choose Gang and Associates, which the results of my case change right away. Gang and Associates had my back. Mr. Gang won me a six figure pay-out. He improved my quality of life. What I loved the most about dealing with Gang and Associates was communication, leadership and guidance in handling my issues. Since winning this case, my family and I have a stable quality of life. I would recommend Gang and Associates to any veteran because Mr. Gang really cares and understands veteran’s issues. Gang and Associates will fight to the end until you win.

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