I thank Mr. Gang, for his dedication.
Sue Ann GenoveseUnion, New Jersey

This letter is to inform you of my experience my late Husband, Nicholas J. Genovese had while waiting for his Veterans Award. My husband, Nicholas Genovese, was on Standby Reserve (Active Status) and us inducted July 22, 1952 and transferred in the Army Reserve June 18, 1954, was Honorably discharged the 14th day of April 1958. He passed away from heart failure, September 17, 2010. Before his passing he worked with his doctors and Eric Gang. He followed through his doctors. He originally had a problem with urine while he was in service in 1950’s, as such; he developed kidney problems later in time which ultimately resulted in a Kidney transplant. Kidney‘s ultimately also affect one’s heart valves, which was the cause of his death in 2010. Before his passing de decided to apply for benefits from the VA, it took several years; he worked until 72, and then had to stop as he was having breathing problems and that ultimately lead into open heart surgery. He then had that and went to dialysis as his kidney failed. There was a lot of research to be done, Eric Gang, Esq. worked on his case and did not give up for many years. Nick received a small benefit from the VA at first. Nick had his doctors write letters for him, as to the medical problems he encountered. He passed on September 17, 2010. If perhaps his medical condition was detected in 1950’s. However, Mr. Gang continued to work on his case for me, his widow, and I received the benefits Nick was entitled to. I thank Mr. Gang, for his dedication. To you, Veterans, please do not give up on pursuing your case, it does take time. Do not get frustrated. I wish you all the best.

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