You won a case that others said was not winnable.
James GabbardCorvallis, Oregon

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to you for winning my VA case for service connection. As you know, my condition demands isolation and difficulties in everyday life in ways that most people would not understand or be able to imagine. As a result of your insight and brilliant legal work, you won a case that others said was not winnable. This will change my life profoundly, and for this I am deeply grateful. Before I hired you to represent me I contacted well over two dozen lawyers who had no interest in my case because of its complexities and low probability of winning. My previous lawyer and other legal advisors told me I would never be able to win my case without a change in the law. You proved them all wrong through your diligence, knowledge of veterans law, and interest in helping veterans with chemical injury. You prevailed at what seemed to me, and countless other legal advisors, an unwinnable case. I knew from the first time that I spoke with you that you were knowledgeable, compassionate, and interested in helping veterans. Through the case, you demonstrated knowledge and insight into the inner workings of the VA that others had not demonstrated to me. As a result, you won a benchmark case that will have far-reaching benefits to thousands of veterans who have health issues due to chemical exposure. Again, your winning my case will have profound influence on my life, and I am sincerely grateful that you had the courage to take on this case. Your knowledge and hard work have paid off for me and will do so for others with similar chemical injuries. Thank you for all your insightful work.

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