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Mr. Gang told me he would get me a 100% rating and did it in less than 2 years with back pay from 2011.

I filed a claim for hearing loss in 2010 and for PTSD in 2011 and was denied on both of them.  I appealed them and then came the waiting for them to be heard.  It got to the point where I started to hate the VA and wanted to give up, but some veterans told me not to do that and that was what the VA wanted – for us to give up.

Going to the VA was hard for me to do but I did it.  First, the Texas Commission Secretary was rude, then the first representative I saw retired.  I got to see other representatives, [but then] they got transferred.  In 2013 the VA called me in for a C & P Exam for my PTSD then waited till 2017 [before] a decision was awarded.  30% for PTSD and my hearing loss was denied.  I appealed my hearing loss claim to the higher court and that’s when attorneys’ letters started coming in.  I read them and picked Gang and Associates to represent me.  I made the right choice.

Everyone at the office knows what they are doing.  They would tell me the status of my appeal.  They were very nice, polite, and helpful.  I asked to talk to Mr. Eric Gang, and they were very nice about it.

When I talked to Mr. Gang, he told me he would get me a 100% rating and did it in less than 2 years with back pay from 2011.  I have no mortgage or debt payments now.  I will be 70 years old in 6 days and hopefully I can live a few more [years] happily thanks to Mr. Gang and Associates.  

I would recommend every veteran to seek legal representation from Gang and Associates.  They will keep you informed of the status of your appeal or claim.  Every form they send to the VA they will send it to you too.  You can call anytime during business hours and someone will be able to help you.  They know their job well and will treat you nice.