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Mr. Gang won my case! I never thought I would get a 50% rating yet he was able to attain a 100% rating for me.

I would like to take a moment and thank Mr. Gang and his staff for a job well done on my case against the Department of Veterans Affairs. My journey was long as I fought the VA for about 12 years, but in total 30 years. The process of submitting a claim through the VA is long and grueling. The level of frustration and the waiting period of all the reviews and determinations and the doubt placed in my mind by the VA made me feel discouraged. Even after speaking with the VSO’s at the VA, they tried to discourage me from putting in a claim by stating I didn’t have a chance. At this point, I knew I needed to find legal representation. My initial search did not go so well. I went through at least eight or nine attorneys who told me I did not have a case and that there would be no way I could ever win against the VA.

The level of frustration dealing with the VA that was most infuriating was the waiting period. Having a C&P exam and then waiting for the results to find out if the exam was favorable or not, was exhausting. The examiners did not seem to care about anything I had to say or ask questions pertaining to my claims, and in the process, they were rude. Just them doubting what I went through was frustrating. 

I tried to handle the VA on my own but felt I could no longer do so. The level of frustration and anxiety was putting me in a place that was so hard to come back from, but I knew I could not let the VA win. I knew I had to keep trying to find the right attorney to take my case. I finally came across Mr. Gang’s firm. I reached out, spoke with Mr. Gang regarding my case and he agreed to take my case on. At the time, I did not realize what a blessing this was going to be.

Mr. Gang won my case! I never thought I would get a 50% rating yet he was able to attain a 100% rating for me. I knew he was the right attorney for the job. I felt he was my own personal miracle. From beginning to end, the process was long but, in the end, was definitely worth the wait. To be honest, I am not the easiest person to deal with. I am sure I called the office more than I should have and at times, probably wasn’t the nicest, but still, Mr. Gang and the staff always spoke to me in a professional and courteous manner. I never felt like I was bothering the staff as they always took the time to speak with me every time I called.

What I liked most about my experience with Gang & Associates is their attentiveness and supportive demeanor during my claim. Even after obtaining a favorable outcome, I still connect with the office staff and they take the time to speak with me. My calls were handled timely and each person I spoke with, was better than the last. Also, Mr. Gang has the best expert doctors. Mr. Gang and his staff truly are my saviors. I can’t thank him and the staff enough. Any time I get a chance to speak with another veteran that is going through the struggles I went through; I am sure to tell them about Gang & Associates. There isn’t anything they can’t do.