He listened, he heard and he cared.
June WollmanMurrels Inlet, South Carolina

The VA attorneys are very astute. They are paid very well by the government to make sure veterans lose all claims. The VA denied my claim repeatedly. I needed help.

My husband fought with the VA prior to his death, and I have been fighting with the VA for the past 4+ years. Filling out papers, waiting and waiting and waiting only to be denied and denied and denied. I am in my 90th year, was extremely frustrated, needed compensation and not knowing where or who to turn to.

I was recommended to Eric Gang, Esq. He took my case, he listened, he heard and he cared.

Eric Gang, Esq. called me and together with his team--Ryan Casson, Esq., Gideon Miller, Esq., and Dana Yoon, Esq.---worked tirelessly including all of their legal assistants. They are a brilliant, awesome team. They took me step by step through the process and was able to get Remand-Joint Remand- and the Appeal.

The process has been exhausting, but you “stayed the course”.

May God Bless you and your wonderful team.

Forever indebted,

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