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Appreciate the magnificent guidance, assistance and great help...

Just wanted to say I appreciate the magnificent guidance, assistance, and great help Gang & Associates did for me. I was in a place where I didn’t know what to do, but I remember this vet gave me the numbers to your office in 2011. He told me what awesome lawyers you all were. I have to be honest. I said to myself this vet is just talking, so in short, I blew him off. When I worked as a medical assistant, he used to ask me to fax papers to your office but I still doubted. Then I saw him in 2014 and he asked me if I called the office. I told him no. He asked why not? I really didn’t want to tell him I really didn’t believe him because I’ve been rejected so many times. Then I asked him if he can give the number to me again so he did. Then he said call them. Finally, he said he got X amount of dollars. I really didn’t believe him then, but I was willing to accept the suggestion, and man I’m glad. So thanks again for helping another vet. I will pass it on when I run into another veteran. When it’s appropriate. Thank you, I also thank God for putting him in my path to help my family and I.

God bless.

I will be in touch.