Gang & Associates is dedicated to respecting the governor’s stay-at-home directive for the safety of all in light of Covid-19.

Our entire staff is working remotely and we’re fully operational during this health crisis.

Due to the need to modify our working environment, please be patient as it may take slightly longer to get back to you when you contact us. However, we are continuing to work on all client matters and continue to undertake representation of new disabled veterans. We are accepting new clients with serious disabilities at this time.


Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances

Thank you for fighting so hard for me on my case.

Mr. Gang!

I want to tell you thank you, from the bottom of my heart and with all my heart for being in my corner and believing in me. I know without you I could have never won my case. Thank you for fighting so hard for me on my case. For over 40 plus years I had to bury what happened to me and lived with this secret for so many years and lived with the shame of what happened to me. I owe you so very much for working so hard on my case with little to no proof of what I had to live with. After all these years I feel like someone truly cared and knew how I felt with no one believing me, and in me, I feel like someone finally saw through all the bull crap that was pulled on me and finally stood up for me. You stood in my corner and saw the way I was treated and how everyone kept sweeping what happened to me under the carpet. Thank you for fighting so hard or me and not giving up – you kept fighting for me and we won! I couldn’t have won without you! Thank you, Thank you----God bless you sir!