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I have found not only do I have a wonderful lawyer in Eric Gang, but I have grown to consider him my friend.

To My Military Brothers and Sisters:

I am writing this letter of thanks and appreciation to my lawyer Eric Gang and his staff for the wonderful job he accomplished with my Veterans Disability Benefits case.

My name is Mark Hagan and about 15 years ago, I was a homeless veteran living in a shelter. While serving in the military, I severely hurt my knee in an accident and had to have knee surgery. I spent over a year of my military service in rehabilitation.

After the military I worked several manual labor jobs which resulted in me having to have 4 more surgeries. My last job was over 10 years ago working for Goodwill Industries as a handicapped employee. I was unable to continue in that employment because of the physical pain and the deterioration of my knee. At that point, I applied for disability from Social Security and it was awarded to me.

I retained a lawyer from VA Services to help me get a VA disability on my knee. I was turned down at first and my VA lawyer tried to make light of my disability, by sarcastically saying “How much do you think that knee is worth?” All I knew was that I could not hold a job and my social security benefits were not enough to provide a living for me and my two girls. I began to be frustrated, depressed and disappointed. I felt very humiliated to find myself in such a position.

At this point I turned to a new lawyer, Eric Gang, and retained him as my lawyer. He felt my case was strong and urged me to appeal the decision. For the past seven years, he has handled my case for VA unemployability. He has always stood behind me and has always assured me I was deserving of unemployabilty benefit. It has been a long stressful process with a lot of disappointment, let downs, and several appeals, but my lawyer never quit on me and continued to encourage me all the way through the process. Many decisions were made in my case. I was first awarded 30% disability, then he fought for 60% and received it. Then it was dropped to 30% by the VA, but through it all he consistently assured me I was worthy of a 100% disability.

I have finally received my 100% unemployabilty benefits from the VA. Now my life has completely changed, Instead of worrying about how I am going to pay my bills, I now have my own home. I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to meet my financial obligations, and I can even put money in my savings every month. Thanks only to the persistence of my lawyer, Eric Gang.

I have two teenage daughters who are receiving compensation due to my veteran’s disability. Their medical needs are also met and when they attend college, they should be able to attend free of charge! Thanks to my lawyer Eric Gang. One of the greatest benefits of this ordeal for me as a father is to be able to provide for my children.

I started out with a lawyer who felt I should be happy with just my Social Security Benefits, but I ended up with a lawyer who related to my situation and fought for me every step of the way.

Eric Gang and his staff never failed to keep me up to date on my case and any time I had a question or concern he always had the time and patience to explain things to me in such a way as to put my mind at ease. This is a great quality to have in a lawyer in this day and time when lawyers feel that time is money!

It has been a long struggle with a lot of disappointments and let downs but through it all, I have found not only do I have a wonderful lawyer in Eric Gang, but I have grown to consider him my friend.

Mr. Gang cares about the common man and I highly recommend his services to anyone who has a VA disability case. He will get the job done and stand by you through it all.

Please feel free to contact me, Mark Hagan at 502-408-5884 if you would like more information about my case or to give you a reference for Gang & Associates!